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Snowy the Samoyed

Sunday, 22 January 2017

On June 23rd, we welcomed this little fluff ball into our home and into our family. She came to us at the age of 7 weeks. As white as snow and as fluffy and cotton balls.

We fell in love with her instantly. She has made our family complete and she brings us so much joy! Snowy our Samoyed was born on May 11th 2016 and is currently 9 months old. We can't wait to throw her a big doggie birthday party! 

We were first introduced to this breed when we happened to see a man with 3 grown Samoyeds taking a walk through the city streets. Surrounded by people of all ages trying to pet the dogs, my sisters and I were drawn to the beauty of the Samoyeds. They were absolutely beautiful creatures. 

After doing research and finding breeders that had available puppies in our area... we finally found a breeder whom we met and was absolutely lovely. She gave us a lot of helpful information and told us to contact her if we were ever having trouble. She has Samoyeds of her own and the love and affection she has for them is so evident. 

Snowy loves cuddles and she absolutely loves playing chase. She's full of energy and she LOVES eating! From dog food all the way to watermelon, strawberries, blueberries... 
If you ever have food with you, she will love you forever! We spoil her with toys and her favourite is Mr Monkey. Unfortunately... Mr Monkey is in the infirmary, suffering from a broken arm. Snowy loves being carried! It was so much easier when she only weighed 3kg... now she's 4 times heavier. A solid 13kg (last time we checked) is a serious arm work out for whoever dares to carry her! 

She loves kisses! Especially on the lips! So boys... beware. 
She loves people and would greet you with her wagging tail and continuous "hellos" until you pat her. 

Snowy's first day home 

Sleepy Snowy


Snowy's First Christmas

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