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Adventures of 2016

Sunday, 22 January 2017

WOW! What a year it has been! 2016 has been an incredibly, amazing and fun-filled year with many memories made. It felt like 2016 flew by so quickly but at the same time there was so many exciting things that happened... all flowing one after the other. 

As I select my favourite memories and highlights of 2016, it'll be nice to reflect on how I've grown through a lot of the battles and challenges that surfaced during the year. What's life without some challenges. It's good to grow and constantly seek to continue growing. We will never stop growing and learning. That's the beauty of it. We can never ever get to a final point on this Earth. 

2016 was definitely an incredible journey... allowing myself to take risks, to do things I've never done before and to push pass my comfortable and to learn to step into uncomfortable situations in order to grow myself. God has constantly surprised me in many ways. Beginning of the year I learnt to surf. That was an incredible experience. Allowing myself to be adventurous and to learn to not always stick to the things I'm comfortable with. 2016 blessed me with opportunities for friendships to be created and for people I didn't know would hold so much importance to be woven into my life. From Hillsong Conference to road trips and camps... friendships were made and grown. 
From all the adventure to even learning more about myself and developing my skills, and even embracing a new chapter in my life, through it all God was beside me. Memories of passing my Learners and taking another step closer to getting my full license, transitioning from high school to university, and also turning a year older. 

With each step I took as I continued to walk through the days, weeks and months of 2016... unforgettable memories begin to etch into my mind and heart. Moments that would be there when I need them to help me learn and move forward into 2017. 

The BEST is yet to come! Look forward onto 2017 with expectations that things will start to line up and fall into place because God is working things out behind the scene. We may not see what's in front of us... but He's working on it. He always is. And He does all this out of the shakeable love He has for us. 


Uni Orientation Excursion to NGV (National Gallery Victoria)

 Surfing at Torquay Beach

Cliff jumping in Mornington - Mt. Martha Pillars

Archery for the first time

 Turned 1 9

Sydney | Hillsong Conference 16

Hillsong Conference 16

Snow Trip to Mt. Hotham
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