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Sunday, 13 March 2016
 photo welcome to my world_zpsbqpncwap.jpg I'm so excited to be starting this blog, and to begin sharing with you all about my life, experiences and lots of fun stuff, from beauty to fashion, to crazy random things in life. I figured I'd start off this blog with my first ever post and talk about... ME! For my first post, I definitely don't want to get too deep too soon, so I'm going to keep it light.

So currently, I've started my first year of University at RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) and I'm studying Fashion! If you guys can't tell, I'm extremely excited and overjoyed at the fact I get to pursue my dream career in fashion. I'll definitely do another post dedicated to my Uni Life, and my career choice in more depth in the near future!
So other than Uni Life, I also attend church and volunteer where I can. I'm part of different ministries in my church; Youth, Worship and Children.
Life at the moment is simply amazing! I'm surrounded by people I love, and the things I enjoy doing most.

Now moving down the years... I was born in 1997, on the 18th of October... I actually quite like my birth date... 18th of October... has a nice ring to it, don't you think? Haha! Comment down below your birth date! Okay, so back to the story... I was born in Singapore, and grew up there. I still remember glimpses of when I was young, but my childhood in Australia overpowers those memories! So in 2003 - when I was six-years-old - I migrated to Australia and that's where I've been for most of my childhood and that's where I'm currently situated in the present date. I honestly love living in Melbourne. It's so beautiful, and the people are amazing! Countless memories were made here, and it brings a smile to my face remembering all of them.

So growing up, and going through the journey of having rebellious phases, my desire to fit in, and the struggles of high school, life definitely got overwhelming. There were many falls along the way... more than I can count, but there were also a lot of moments where I soared. Year 12 for me, by far was one of the best years! The friendships developed, bonds created, and memories made was what made it incredible! All that mixed in with that year being the MOST IMPORTANT year of high school made that year a continuous high. There was never a dull moment! Actually... maybe sometimes in English class... haha! But other than that, there was always so much going on!

I'm happy to say that I got through Year 12, and got into the University I've always been aiming for!
Definitely going to keep pursuing my passions, and my heart's desires! Let's start to build and encourage one another to keep going, to keep pursuing even though life's struggles may seem so much bigger and so much greater... But just know there's a light at the end of every tunnel, and there are friends and family around us for support, and for us to lean on when times get tough!

Now, ending things on a light note... I'll briefly explain what my blog is about. So this blog will be about me - my life experiences, my journey - but it's also a place where I get to share my love for beauty, fashion, travel and a lot of other things. I'm honestly so excited to be starting this blog, and I hope you will all journey with me through this.

Well... my first post has come to an end! I hope you all have enjoyed reading! Read more about me and leave any comments or questions down below or feel free to contact me!

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